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Here we go again! Our game platform  »Collective Pairs« collects + connects the cards to 6 digital datasets. Here there are:  

Our game variation »archaeological pairs« will be based on the  »Archäologische Sammlung« der Kreis- und Stadtarchäologie Gifhorn!   

Our »civil pairs« will be based on »Uniformierte Zivilisten« des Braunschweigischen Landesmuseum!

Our »gallery pairs« will be based on »Landesgalerie« des Landesmuseum Hannover! 

Our »coll pairs« will be based on various datasets from a cooperative network around Landschaftsverband Südniedersachsen! 

Our two »female symbol pairs« and »botanic pairs« will be based on »Symbole des Weiblichen der Sammlung Heinz Kirchhoff« and

»Botanische Lehrtafeln der Uni Göttingen« der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen–Zentrale Kustodie!


At the start, all the cards are laid face down on the screen. You can touch or click a card to turn them; the objective is to find a pair of matching cards.

While playing, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the artworks presented. 

After you have made a match, a little information about the context of the work is displayed and you can double tap or click the card to see the Museum's original index cards. Ofcourse, the timer is paused when you are in the gallery.

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