Application uses React Native technology, implements interesting solutions of timeline and map display, including historical maps and data.
Trinational award: Crossing borders & uniting data
mobile app

As presented above, our project uses React Native technology in Expo CLI. Application allows users to search in historical maps of different parts of world. We used Scrum metodology to improve and manage our developing process.

Application is integrated with Google Maps to give possibility to choose country and city, by clicking on marker user can select various historical maps. There is also an option to pick country from list instead of clicking on map. After that timeline is displayed on screen, then you can read all information, especially author and date of all maps of picked place. 

We decided to add multi-language feature. At begining of using our app, initial language is taken from phone system, but we gave possibility to change it in menu. You can choose from polish, german, czech and english so majority of users may use our app in their native language.


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