Abstract Visioner

We wanted to use an AI to blend together existing arts, make it accessible and easy to use for everyone via web app.
web app

Frontend description:
We used Angular and PrimeNG icons to create UI, images are downloaded directly from https://sachsen.museum-digital.de/series/309. User is able to select two images and send them to the server, then after certain amout of time the server returns a mixed image and the user can download it. 

Backend description:
Technologies used: Python, Flask, Opencv, Pytorch, https://github.com/moritztng/prism, Pillow.
Data is download (like titles and descriptions) from https://sachsen.museum-digital.de/series/309 with BeautifulSoup Library and store it in a JSON file.
Server receives two images' URLs from a client, download it and performs blending operation (the algorithm is described on our Github).

CUDA 11.3 is highly recommended to use on the server. It sharply decreases a processing time. 

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MIT license
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Krzysztof Konieczny

kkonieczny.programming [at] gmail.com

Zbigniew Mizgalski

zbigniew.mizgalskifullstack [at] gmail.com
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