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Contact for general enquiries

Philippe Genêt – Project Coordinator
Tel: +49 69 1525-1847
E-Mail: p.genet [at]

Coding da Vinci Baden-Württemberg 2022

Regionale Ansprechpartnerinnen:
petrovic-majer [at] (subject: Coding%20da%20Vinci%20Baden-W%C3%BCrttemberg%202022) (Sylvia Petrovic-Majer), Projektkoordination
Goldberg [at] (subject: Coding%20da%20Vinci%20Baden-W%C3%BCrttemberg%202022) (Ines Goldberg), Pressekontakt

Coding da Vinci Ost³ 2022

Regionale Ansprechpartnerinnen:
anne.liebscher [at] (Anne Liebscher), Projektkoordination
Annemarie.Grohmann [at] (Annemarie Grohmann), Pressekontakt


Coding da Vinci Nieder.Rhein.Land 2021

Regionale Ansprechpartnerin:
sophia [at] (subject: Coding%20da%20Vinci%20Nieder.Rhein.Land%202021) (Sophia Grazdanow), Projektkoordination

Coding da Vinci Niedersachsen (2020)

Regional Contact: 

lambert.heller [at] (Lambert Heller), Responsible for the project

Coding da Vinci Süd (2019)

Regional Contacts:

cdvsued [at] (Sybille Greisinger), Project Coordination
cdvsued [at] (Kathrin Zimmer), Project Coordination
A.Schindel [at] (Angelika Schindel), Press Contact


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